Annual Subscription Rates

Our year starts for everyone on October 1.  Therefore all members need to renew their subscriptions on this date.

Here is what you should pay. When you have determined your rate, scroll down for HOW TO PAY

Individual Members – Standard Rate

The normal rate at which members join the Society

  • UK – £25
  • Europe – £30
  • Worldwide – £35

Individual under 27 Members

  • UK – £20
  • Europe – £25
  • Worldwide – £30
  • Anywhere in the world £10 – a special rate for those willing to have publications sent online only. Those paying this rate will not receive publications by post. (see below for How to Pay)

Institutions, Libraries, Companies and other organisations

  • UK – £40
  • Europe – £45
  • Worldwide – £50

Sponsoring Members

An optional rate for members who like to show their support for the Society by paying an extra amount each year. It does not purchase additional benefits.

  • UK – £50
  • Europe – £55
  • Worldwide - £60


If you live in the UK or have a sterling bank account:

* Send a cheque for the correct amount to The Treasurer Lewis Carroll Society, 6 Chilton Street, London E2 6DZ

* or bank transfer to The Lewis Carroll Society account 17700574 sort code 60 23 13

Do not use any other method (including PayPal which is fee charging) in the UK.

Outside the UK – all non-sterling accounts.

Please use the above payment buttons.

No other method is acceptable. Do not send non-sterling cheques (as these are very expensive to process).