Online Resources


The internet allows access to thousands of pages of information relating to Charles Dodgson and his works. Whilst there is a lot of useful information on the web, there is also a lot of misleading material around. Although we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on other websites (and, of course, some matters are in dispute between scholars), we believe that the sites we list below, with links are genuinely useful to researchers. They are in no particular order!

Resources Provided by Institutions

Christ Church (Virtual Tour)

A 'virtual tour' of Christ Church, Oxford - ideal to get an picture of what the college is like for those who think they will never have the opportunity to visit. However, it does not carry with it any information about what is shown.

Lewis Carroll Scrapbook

This site reproduces the scrapbook compiled by Lewis Carroll, now owned by the Library of Congress, with useful and interesting tools for exploring it.

University of Texas Online 'Exhibition'

The Harry Ransom Research Center at the University of Texas hold one of the most signficant collections of material relating to Charles Dodgson. Their website contains a lot of useful information and images relating to Dodgson and is a useful resource for researchers at all levels. Of particular interest is this 'online exhitibion'.

Surrey History Centre

The Surrey History Centre holds the Dodgson Family Collection and other archives relating to Charles Dodgson and other family members.
130 Goldsworthy Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 1ND
A full online catalogue can be viewed at: SHC Website.

Websites Managed by Individuals or Groups

The Lewis Carroll Society of North America

Not just a site about the organisation, but one containing a wide range of information about Dodgson and a huge number of links to other sites.

Contrariwise, the association for new Lewis Carroll Studies

A site with a fresh approach to Carroll scholarship which seeks to dispel the myths surrounding Dodgson's life.

Jenny Woolf's Website and Blog

Lively blogs on aspects of Dodgson's life and works, with numerous links, images, and other information.

Lewis Carroll in his Own Account

Following the publication of a transcript of Dodgson's bank account this website provides information about the book and has an on-going list of additional observations about the material.

Lenny de Rooy's Alice in Wonderland Website

A well constructed site for general information about the Alice books, illustrations, etc. Contains good 'FAQ' type information.

Lewis Carroll Site

A site run by Edward Wakeling, editor of Dodgson's diaries and author of several books about the man and his work. Contains the text of talks and other material, including a catalogue of Carroll's photographs.

Connotations (A Journal For Critical Debate)

This scholarly journal includes an article about the textual surprises in the Alice books by Angelika Zirker and several responses to the article. Interesting academic work at its best.

The Carrollian

The separate site for The Carrollian, the journal of the Lewis Carroll Society. Although the site does not contain information or articles about Charles Dodgson, it does contain a searchable database of the contents of all back issues.

Lewis Carroll Resources

A collection of facilities for scholars, writers, collectors and other Carroll enthusiasts. Initial the focus is on events and activities taking place in 2015.

Alice in Wonderland for Primary EFL

A website for anyone teaching English as a foreign language to children aged around 9 years.