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Carroll Inspired Performing Arts: Theatre, Dance, Music, Film

The Alice books have been the inspiration behind a huge amount of music, theatre, ballet and film. We welcome contributions to this section.

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Marcus Lang's Music Website

This list of music inspired by Alice is comprehensive and well managed. If you know of any other compositions, please contact Marcus directly - the Lewis Carroll Society believe that this should be regarded as the definitive list.

Music Inspired by the Works of Lewis Carroll

Contrariwise: Songs from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass
By Daniel Hales and the Frost Heaves

"For this album we adapted (almost) all of the poems in the two Alice books for music – and also wrote a few Alice-themed originals. These adaptations were originally composed and performed for a stage production of Alice In Wonderland, but can now provide the soundtrack for your own adventures in magical realms.

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Lewis Carroll's 'A Christmas Greeting (From a Fairy to a Child)'
Scored and performed by Carsten Braun.