The Management of the Lewis Carroll Society

The Lewis Carroll Society is run entirely by volunteers. Principle activities are overseen by an elected Committee and other specific tasks are taken on by various appointed officers none of whom receive any remuneration.

The Committee members are the "trustees" of the Society according to the laws associated with registered charities and they take ultimate responsibility for the Society. The Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.

The production of the Society's scholarly journal, The Carrollian, is overseen by a separate Editorial Board, who work closely with a team of Editorial Assistants.

Please Note: the Lewis Carroll Society does not have its own premises. We do not have a research centre, library or office which can be visited. However, many of our members are collectors and researchers and have libraries which they are willing to make available to genuine scholars.

Committee and Officers

Brian Sibley

Lindsay Fulcher


Jane Skelly

Membership Secretary

Committee Members in addition to Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, Judith van den Berg.

Mark Davies

Mark is an Oxford local historian, guide and public speaker and the author of Alice in Waterland and Alice’s Oxford on Foot. He has been a member of Oxford’s annual ‘Alice’s Day’ planning panel since the first one in 2007 and is the LCS representative on the board of the Alliance of Literary Societies. You can find more information about his activities at

Website Manager 
Kevin Fernandes

Editor: The Carrollian 
Jane Skelly

Editor: Bandersnatch 
Mark Davies

Editor: Lewis Carroll Review 
Franziska Kohlt