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Lewis Carroll Society Writing Competition - The Missing Chapter!

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The stories from the Winners and Finalists can be downloaded from the stories page.

Recognition from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

The LCS has received a letter from the  Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport congratulating everyone on the writing competition. Here is an extract below.
"The Society's aim to improve literacy skills is important and one the government wholly supports. It is clear that a thorough grounding in literacy skills not only leads to success in school and in turn a chance for a more fulfilling and rewarding career, but in addition to the substantial practical benefits, reading is just one of life's profound joys and enriches people's creativity and experience of the world around them.
I would like to congratulate Alexander Hughes, Niamh Whelan, Jonathan David Dixon and, in particular, Cecilia Axon, for their achievement. I hope this experience will encourage them, and all the entrants to the competition, to continue writing and exploring the literary world."

Many thanks to all the people who submitted entries to the Lewis Carroll Society's Writing Competition. We hope that the challenge was interesting. Below is a list of the Winners and Finalists.

white rabbit

Under 10 Winner: Cecilia Axon - 'Alice Goes To School'

Under 16 Winner: Alexander Hughes - 'The Gardens'

Under 16 Finalist: Megan Ng - 'A Stroll With The Joker'

Under 16 Finalist: Atlas Weyland Eden - 'The Ending Library'

16-20 Winner: Niamh Whelan - 'The Unseen Jubjub Bird'

16-20 Finalist: Elena Barham - 'The Tent In The Trees'

16-20 Finalist: Evie Kilborn - 'An Unlikely Pair'

Over 20 Winner: Jonathan David Dixon - 'The Other Alice'

Over 20 Finalist: Elizabeth Hopkinson - 'The Axolotyl'

Over 20 Finalist: Stephen Alexander - 'The Bishop In The Tower'

About some of the finalists: Cecilia Axon is only 8 years old, and we created a special Under 10 category because she was so good and competing against Under 16-year-olds didn't seem fair. Alexander Hughes is a member of a class from Sutton Grammar who all submitted great entries for the competition. There are international entries from Megan Ng (Hong Kong) and Stephen Alexander (USA).

A big 'Thank you' to the judging panel of Brian Sibley, Caroline Luke, and Will Brooker, and also to MacMillan and the Victoria and Albert Museum for the prizes they contributed and their support. 

Various options are being considered as a follow up to the competition, including a Lewis Carroll Society publication which will include the stories, and an online video event in which the stories would be read. Watch this space!