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Because postage is charged as if each item is posted individually, we will deduct £5 for orders totalling more than £20 (before adding postage); we will deduct £10 for orders over £30; and we will deduct £20 for orders over £50. THIS DISCOUNT APPLIES TO UK ORDERS ONLY.
For OVERSEAS orders please see below, also for how to order the following White Stone publications: Lewis Carroll’s Diaries edited by Edward Wakeling; Lewis Carroll: Child of the North, Anne Clark Amor; Lewis Carroll’s England, Charlie Lovett; Lewis Carroll Bibliophile, Jeffrey Stern; Lewis Carroll: a Biography, Morton Cohen; and A Bouquet: Martin Gardner Remembered.

For OVERSEAS orders, please contact Mark Davies at who will advise the current post and packing charges for delivery to your location. Overseas purchasers: please be sure to include a PHONE NUMBER, required by many local postal services, in case of problems with the delivery.
Contrariwise, if you are able to collect your order from Oxford, LOCAL PICK-UP is available, saving all postage costs. Please contact Mark at to discuss collection.
As of August 2022 the following publications are available via Devils in the Detail:
Volumes 1 to 3 and 6 to 10 of Lewis Carroll’s Diaries, described here:
Lewis Carroll: Child of the North, Anne Clark Amor, 1995 (ISBN 0-904117-10)
Lewis Carroll’s England, Charlie Lovett, 1998 (ISBN 0-904117-146)
Lewis Carroll Bibliophile, Jeffrey Stern, 1997 (ISBN 0-904117-12)
Lewis Carroll: a Biography, Morton Cohen, 1995 (ISBN 9780333629260)
A Bouquet: Martin Gardner Remembered, 2011 (ISBN 978093032617)

These can now all be found on sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Abe, Onbuy and Alibris. For example:   

The books above are also available via Amazon, though we understand that it may be more effective to search using the ISBN rather than the title.