Storytelling and the modern organisation
This is an online talk, which will be recorded, on Tue 8th Feb at 12.30 PM UK Time. Scott McArthur and Stephen Folan will look at modern organisations and how they are reflected in the Lewis Carroll ‘Alice’ stories.

The link to the talk is

Scott is a former scientist, HR director, musical producer and business consultant who now shares his experiences and stories as a professional speaker; specialising in disruptive technologies and the future of work. He is besotted with story and believes that a good story can act as an empathy engine. The need for more empathy in the world was the motivation behind his live show #ARTEFACTLive (the art and science of storytelling).

Stephen Folan is a Project Manager with a focus on technology and behaviour. He is also Chairman of the Lewis Carroll Society. He sees a lot of cross-over in these roles. One of his first talks for The LCS was The Influence of Lewis Carroll on Management Thinking.