The Lewis Carroll Society Journals

The Lewis Carroll Society publishes three journals, which are sent to all members as one of the benefits of membership. In most cases, back issues are available for purchase. This page contains brief details of the journals.

The Carrollian

The Society's scholarly journal, which features articles about all aspects of Dodgson's life and works, has become well-established over the years and is now the leading journal on its subject. Ranges from 48 to 64 pages. Further information is available at


A lively quarterly newsletter containing details of the Society's activities, and announcements about future events, merchandise, press coverage, etc. Between 28 and 36 pages. Issued generally 4 times each year although .

Prior to Issue 157, they were published in January, April, July and October. Thus Issue 155 was dated July 2012, Issue 156 was dated October 2012, Issue 157 was dated December 2012, Issue 158 was dated March 2013 and are now published every June, September, December and March.

Lewis Carroll Review

In depth reviews of all the major publications relevant to Charles Dodgson and his world, written by reviewers with a specialist knowledge. Between 16 and 28 pages. Issued between 2 and 4 times each year, according to need. Lewis Carroll Review is edited by Amanda Lastoria (


Between 1969 and 1997, the Society's journal, under the name Jabberwocky, published a wide range of scholarly articles and exists today as a body of work essential to the Carroll scholar. In 1998, the journal was re-issued as The Carrollian.