Wonderland Bronze (Robert Ellis and James Coplestone)

Superbly crafted bronze statues, inspired by Tenniel's drawings.

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Iris Biran

Illustrations after Lewis Carroll including a series of drawings depicting "The Mad Gardener's Song", acrylic illustrations about the Alice books and 3D paper works.

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Paul Skellert

Mixed media work portraying a dark and imaginative Wonderland.

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Pokey Pola

Richly-textured Alice inspired work with wonderful nightmarish qualities.

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Tigz Rice

Photo-collage artist who produced Wonderland, a book with a contemporary theme inspired by Alice.

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Catherine Hiley

Highly inventive (perhaps even subversive) work inspired by Alice and by Carroll's photography.

Alice-Commentary on deviantART

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Pamela Mower-Conner

A large, very detailed, hyper-realistic painting of Alice

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Anne Vansweevelt

Dramatic paintings illustrating the Alice books.

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Victor Huerta

A fascinating approach to Alice illustration by a Cuban artist - Tenniel is clearly the starting point but rarely do you see anything pushing the boundaries quite like this.

Work at Caracola Contemporary Gallery

Adriana Peliano

A range of techniques including assemblage and collage - often with surrealist tones.

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Jo Bird

Jo Bird's series of Alice inspired paintings are available as prints and can be viewed and purchased via her website.

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Mary Kline-Misol

Larger than life, dramatic painting inspired by Alice.

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Polixeni Papapetrou

An interesting collection of modern interpretations of Carroll's photographs.

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Helena de Barros

A fascinating photographic interpretation of Wonderland.

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Martin Barooshian

A suite of nine etchings, illustrating Wonderland, with a surreal quality

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