Forthcoming Meetings, Exhibitions, Events, etc

This guide gives details of all the Lewis Carroll related events, around the world, which have come to our notice, including events arranged by the Lewis Carroll Society. If you know of an event which is not listed, we would be pleased to hear from you. Click Here to send us information about an event.

We are grateful to The Lewis Carroll Society of North America for providing details of some of these events.

Joint Lewis Carroll Society and Charlotte Yonge Fellowship Meeting


26 April 2014

Members and guests are invited to attend this special meeting. The cost is £26, which includes, tea, coffee, lunch, etc. The event takes place in the West Oxford Community Centre (Botley Road) conveniently located for the railway station.

Booking is essential. To make a reservation or if you have any questions, please contact Mark Richards by email -


10.30 Arrival and coffee, with display of Victorian photographic books

11.00 Introducing Charlotte M. Yonge. Ellen Jordan (co-editor of Yonge’s letters)

11.45 Lewis Carroll’s photography. Edward Wakeling (editor of Carroll’s diaries; co-author of Lewis Carroll, Photographer , 2002)

12.45 Lunch

2.00 Demonstration of wet collodion photography (the process used by Lewis Carroll). John Brewer (historical photographer) and Dr Kate Horsley

2.45 Carroll, Yonge and Tangled Tales in the ‘Monthly Packet’. Mark Richards

3.15 Photography in Yonge’s novels. Clemence Schultze

4.00 Tea, with a reading of ‘Hiawatha’s Photographing’

There will be an optional guided walk in Oxford from 16:30 and a longer walk around Oxford on Sunday, 27 April.

Frances Broomfield: The Curious Invention of Lewis Carroll

Warrington Art Gallery

Until 31 May 2014

From the advertising material:

"In 1840 a young Lewis Carroll (or Charles Dodgson as he was then known) came to see an exhibition in Warrington. There he discovered a treasure trove of curiosities – works of art, specimens of natural history, and mechanical objects, including a Phantasmagoria Lantern and the mysterious Invisible Girl! In this new exhibition, Warrington artist Frances Broomfield reinvents some of the eccentric characters and scenes from Carroll’s famous stories and also reimagines that 1840 exhibition of curiosities and wonders."

Further details from the Warrington Art Gallery Website

Alice in Wonderland - Iris Theatre Production

Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, London

16 to 20 April 2014

The return of this successful new interpretation of Alice for the stage which proved popular in 2013.

The production will be followed in 2014 by a production of the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass.

Iris Theatre Website

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Christ Church, Oxford

13 March, 31 March, 6 May, 20 May, 10 June 2014

Christ Church has presented these special tea-parties several times a year since 2012. A small group are served afternoon tea at High Table, and hear a short talk about Carroll and Christ Church. There is an optional "behind the scenes" tour beforehand. Other dates may be have already been annouced on the Christ Church Website.

See Christ Church Website

Through the Looking-Glass - Iris Theatre Production

St Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London

16 to 20 April 2014

Following Iris theatre's successful interpretation of Alice for the stage in 2013, the same company offer us Through the Looking-Glass.

Iris Theatre Website