The Illustrators of Carroll's Works

Eight of Lewis Carroll’s most important works are illustrated. He chose the artists to provide the illustrations and worked closely with them. He made sure that the pictures in his books matched his ideas and fitted his text.

The illustrators of his works are:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) John Tenniel

Through the Looking-Glass (1871) John Tenniel

The Hunting of the Snark (1876) Henry Holiday

Rhyme? And Reason? (1883) Arthur B. Frost

A Tangled Tale (1885) Arthur B. Frost

Sylvie and Bruno (1889) Harry Furniss

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded (1893) Harry Furniss

Three Sunsets and Other Poems (1898) E. Gertrude Thomson

The original manuscript of Alice’s Adventures under Ground was illustrated with Lewis Carroll’s own drawings, but from then on he used a professional illustrator to provide the pictures he required.

Carroll’s relationship with his illustrators and the details of their involvement in his publications can be further explored in Lewis Carroll and his Illustrators, edited by Morton N. Cohen and Edward Wakeling, Cornell University Press, 2003.

Sir John Tenniel (1820-1914)

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Henry Holiday (1839-1927)

Arthur Burdett Frost (1851-1928)

Harry Furniss (1820-1925)

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Emily Gertrude Thomson (1850-1929)

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Other Illustrators

Other illustrators who were approached by Lewis Carroll for possible commissions were George Du Maurier (1834-1896), Joseph Noël Paton (1821-1901), Edwin Lindley Sambourne (1844-1910) and Samuel Luke Fildes (1844-1927). Sambourne made preliminary sketches to accompany one of Carroll’s poems, but these are now missing.


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