Next Meeting: Charles, Charlotte and the Camera. Oxford, 26 April 2014

Our next meeting will be held jointly with the Charlotte Yonge Fellowship and will be a full day meeting on Lewis Carroll, Charlotte Yonge and Victorian photography. The meeting will include a demonstration of the wet collodion photographic process used by Lewis Carroll.


Members and guests are invited to attend this special meeting. The cost is £26, which includes, tea, coffee, lunch, etc.

The event takes place in the West Oxford Community Centre (Botley Road) conveniently located for the railway station.


Booking is essential. To make a reservation or if you have any questions, please contact Mark Richards by email -



10.30 Arrival and coffee, with display of Victorian photographic books

11.00 Introducing Charlotte M. Yonge. Ellen Jordan (co-editor of Yonge’s letters)

11.45 Lewis Carroll’s photography. Edward Wakeling (editor of Carroll’s diaries; co-author of Lewis Carroll, Photographer , 2002)

12.45 Lunch

2.00 Demonstration of wet collodion photography (the process used by Lewis Carroll). John Brewer (historical photographer) and Dr Kate Horsley

2.45 Carroll, Yonge and Tangled Tales in the ‘Monthly Packet’. Mark Richards

3.15 Photography in Yonge’s novels. Clemence Schultze

4.00 Tea, with a reading of ‘Hiawatha’s Photographing’

There will be an optional guided walk in Oxford from 16:30 and a longer walk around Oxford on Sunday, 27 April.


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