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The Lewis Carroll Society was formed in 1969 with the aim of encouraging research into the life and works of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). The Society has members around the world, including many leading libraries and institutions, authors, researchers and many who simply enjoy Carroll's books and want to find out more about the man and his work. Why not join the LCS - for your own interest and entertainment or to make a contribution to Carroll scholarship? Our subscriptions are remarkably low for a society of this nature. Click Here for Membership Details

Forthcoming Meetings

The Lewis Carroll Society holds regular meetings throughout the year.
Non-members are welcome, but we request that you let us know
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29 July 2016
'On Going Out Altogether: Carroll's and Other Children'
Professor Jan B Gordon
Gradidge Room (First Floor) at The Art Workers' Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT 6.30 for 7.00pm
Professor Jan B Gordon explores ("with a plea for audience participation") why Alice's fears of her total disappearance are totally justified, given "childhood" and its dangers in 19th century literature. And, along with the flickering in and out of Alice, will be considered such puzzles as a Cheshire Cat that appears and disappears and food both that is both simultaneously there and not there at a tea table.

Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University, Jan Gordon is the author of Gossip and Subversion in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction: Echo's Economies. His writings on Carroll include 'The Alice Books and the Metaphors of Victorian Childhood' in Aspects of Alice and 'From Victorian textbook to ready-made: Lewis Carroll and the black art' (with Edward Guiliano) in Soaring with the Dodo: Essays on Lewis Carroll's Life Pro


22 September 2016
'Healing through the Looking-glass: Lewis Carroll and Homeopathy'
By Francis Treuherz
Gradidge Room (First Floor) at The Art Workers' Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT 6.30 for 7.00pm

Francis has been in practice as a homeopath since 1984. He was for many years Hon Secretary of the Society of Homeopaths and Editor of their journal. He has written on homeopathy extensively and lectured about it all over the world. His private collection numbers more than 10,500 books on the subject, and a museum collection of portraits, busts, medals, phials, medicine cases and more. Lewis Carroll knew about homeopathy from childhood, as an adult, he used it to alleviate his own symptoms and those of his child friends, and he had many books on the subject in his library. An examination of this intriguing subject will shine a light on a side of Lewis Carroll not often examined. Please note that this meeting is on a Thursday.


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